50 Heartbreaking Images of Animal Photography

An excellent compilation of animals in freedom and nature, with a selection of over 50 beautiful pictures. A capture different animals in multiple locations worldwide. More details with credits photographers are available below in the following section.

Crédits Photography : Carole Deschuymere, Frederick Van Heerden, Don Johnston, Rahul Alvares, Francisco Mingorance, Patrick Kelley, Geo Messmer, Phil Cousins, Cesar Badilla, Chuck Spence, Huub Keulers, Wojciech Ptak, Candice Sedighan, David Fleetham, Justus Vermaak, Thomas Will, Jessica Trinh, Thomas Pepper, Anup Shah, Brandon Harris, Bill Holsten, Paul Souders, Paul Anthony Wilson, Cesare Naldi, Judah Zada, Emmanuel Keller, Roeselien Raimond, Steve Bloom, Yanai Bonneh, Daniel Botelho, Randy Kokesch, Shoayb Khattab, Dmitry Marchenko, Indre Viseckaite, Todd Bretl, Kal Michael, Cristobal Serrano, Jon Hrusa