B&W Portraits of Celebrities from the Past Colorized

Younger versions of legendary stars like Betty White and Angela Lansbury are revitalized through colorizations skillfully administered by Wayne Degan of MetaColor. The Bangor, Maine-based creative takes old, black and white photos he stumbles upon and carefully adds pigments to them through Photoshop—a process that can take anywhere from two to twenty hours, depending on the detail of the image. The skilled photo manipulator’s growing collection features a number of celebrities, both iconic actors and contemporary performers, whose monochromatic portraits are given new life through color. Read more directly from the source.

Audrey Hepburn

Betty White

Stephen Colbert

Susan Sarandon

Lauren Bacall

Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert

Angela Lansbury

Lilyan Tashman

Cast of Gone with the Wind at the 12th Academy Awards

Mary Anderson

Russell Johnson (“The Professor”)

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