CI for Dans ♥ Stockholm

Identity for the Contemporary Dance Festival Dans ♥ Stockholm. A modernism and ´Memphis movement´ inspired stage with wood, marble and gold was built, staring the most prominent contemporary choreographers of sweden. (Photographers: Max Pigott, Alexandra Larsson Jacobson, Edu Pérez, Eva Würdinger)


”A big hooray to Snask for giving us an identity that feels fun, odd and surprising.
I feel proud being part of it.” Eva Broberg, Artistic Director

Dansens Hus love contemporary dance. In early 2013 they called us to ask if we wanted to help them to create a brand new four-day international contemporary dance festival called Dance ♥ Stockholm, bringing together Swedish and international dance artists, on the key cultural institutions of Stockholm. We smiled and said:
We´d love to help you!

Our ambition is to make contemporary dance feel fun and open and not so serious and behind closed doors. Our approach is colorful and we want people to experience and talk about  contemproary dance in a new and joyful way. First year, the project covered graphic identity, graphic guidelines, catalogue design, how to communicate, and production of various branded material; ads, posters, festive balloons and so on.

When opening the five-day festival, Stockholm, Dansens Hus and its collaborators could proudly present an International Dance Festival worthy of its name. The festival was an instant hit and it will be an annual festival in Stockholm that will be back the 3-7 Dec 2014.