#Denimeye by Diesel [sponsored]

I feel honored contributing to the Diesel #denimeye campaign.
Its core idea is to encapsulate the beauty of detail and since my job involves an eye for exactly that, I ventured out, trying to get a new perspective on my surroundings. Regular objects reveal a lot of potential on camera through the clever use of perspective, depth of field and lighting. So for the past couple days i really enjoyed taking a couple detours, taking a second look at things and just widen my horizon for what’s actually out there.

I learned that, even though most people own smartphones with decent cameras, we don’t sharpen our sense for details, esthetics and composition, but rather focus on the content itself; ourselves, the meal, the person, the beach. Photos in Social Media become a numb flow of generic information, so I encourage everyone to have a second, closer look at your environment. Instead of taking another simple shot of the flowers in your garden, explore the subject, tilt the camera, take your time and you’ll be surprised what happens once you see the world through the eyes of denim.


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