Floral Tumblr Beards

Aside from upping a man’s awesomeness level, beards can also be the perfect medium for a floral arrangement. The men below are starting a new fashion trend which would be the perfect accompaniment to the floral crowns that ladies have been wearing lately.
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3 Ashley Thalman flower-beards-trend-13
2 Shannon flower-beards-trend-18
4 Cecilia Moller flower-beards-trend-19
5 Ashley Thalman flower-beards-trend-12
6  Sarah Winward flower-beards-trend-5
7 Peter Yankowsky
8 Elizabeth Eastman flower-beards-trend-6
9 Marlee Banta flower-beards-trend-16
10 Victoria Zeoli flower-beards-trend-17