John Brosio

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is an American painter. He studied at University of California and Art Center College of Design, Pasadena. He’s fascinated by science fiction and fantasy creatures. John Brosio has also worked for the famous studio Industrial Light and Magic of George Lucas, where he participated in the models for Ghostbusters 2 and Back to the Future Part III, before devoting himself entirely to painting

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John-Brosio_23 John-Brosio_22 John-Brosio_21 John-Brosio_20 John-Brosio_19 John-Brosio_17 John-Brosio_13 John-Brosio_14 John-Brosio_11 John-Brosio_12 John-Brosio_10 John-Brosio_09 John-Brosio_07 John-Brosio_06 John-Brosio_05 John-Brosio_04 John-Brosio_03 John-Brosio_02 John-Brosio_01

John Brosio