Materializing the Postdigital

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Out of Hand: Materializing the Postdigital by Richard Dupont ” … will explore the many areas of 21st-century creativity made possible by advanced methods of computer-assisted production known as digital fabrication. In today’s postdigital world, artists are using these means to achieve levels of expression never before possible – an explosive, unprecedented scope of artistic expression that extends from sculptural fantasy to functional beauty.” – via thetreemag


the-tree-mag_sculptures-by-richard-dupont-170 the-tree-mag_sculptures-by-richard-dupont-10 the-tree-mag_sculptures-by-richard-dupont-100 the-tree-mag_sculptures-by-richard-dupont-190 the-tree-mag_sculptures-by-richard-dupont-180 the-tree-mag_sculptures-by-richard-dupont-140 the-tree-mag_sculptures-by-richard-dupont-60 the-tree-mag_sculptures-by-richard-dupont-50