Sforzinda, a Visionary Ideal City

Sforzinda is a visionary ideal city, named after Francesco Sforz, the Duke of Milan. It was designed by renaissance architect Filarete. Although Sforzinda was never built, certain aspects of its design are described in considerable detail. This shape is iconographic and probably ties to Filarete’s interest in magic and astrology. Consistent with Quattrocento or fifteenth century notions concerning the talismanic power of geometry and the crucial importance of astrology, Filarete provides, in addition to pragmatic advice on materials, construction, and fortifications, notes on how to propitiate celestial harmony within Sforzinda.


Sfordzinda, Why Arent't You Perfect


Sforzinda- detail



Maggie Hazen is a Los Angeles-based contemporary installation artist and sculptor who uses individual everyday objects as building blocks for exploring her interests in cosmology, technology and mapping. She constructs landscapes and environments which questions our conscious ability to distinguish reality from a simulated perception.

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