A Surrealist Wonderland Hidden in the Jungles of Mexico

Hidden in the rainforest of Mexico is a bizarre collection of cement buildings that would make any surrealist happy. Built over a 20 year period by the eccentric artist Edward James, the 20 acre site features over 36 towering structures – from concrete suspension bridges to bamboo like pavilions. If there’s one thing to go on your “visit in 2014 list,” this is it.

Edward James was born into considerable wealth and privilege in Edwardian England – and in his younger years his life was surrounded by artists like Dali, Picasso and Stravinsky. In the 1950s he owned a 300 room mansion on a 6000 acre estate, which he later converted into West Dean College – today a leading center for art restoration.

It was in Mexico however, that he found his true love in the site that would be called Las Pozas. Here he spent his time with his close companion Plutarco Gastelum, a Yaqui Indian, designing and building the wild structures that you see here. You can learn more about Edward James, and how you can visit this fascinating site, here.