Update on the #Followmeto Project: Man Still Follows Girlfriend Around The World

Since we first featured Murad Osmann’s stunning Instagram project #Followmeto last Februrary, he and his lovely photography muse, girlfriend Nataly Zakharova, have grown even more famous. Their images have been used for Michael Kors’ #WatchHungerStop campaign, they collaborated with Alec Monopoly and showed their prints at the Versace Mansion for Art Basel in Miami, and they invited others around the world to participate in the fun, holding #followmeto_contest on their Facebook page. Since their photos have circulated the internet, copycats are documenting their vacations and travel in the same way and the couple couldn’t be more pleased.

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According to Nataly Zakharova:

It all has started in Barcelona 2 years ago (it was our first trip with Murad). I will drop all the romantic stuff and proceed to the interesting part. We were sightseeing and were blown away by the beauty of this city. Being an active tourist my main objective was to see everything, from the mountain of Tibidabo and inspirational cathedral of Sagrada de Familia to the Tapas bars of Barcelona. Murad was keen on taking photos and nothing else grasped his attention. At one time I wanted to show him the old town part , grabbed his arm and dragged him forward and as you can understand it didn’t stop him from taking a picture even then. So that is how the first photo was born. After that our life had changed…

Join over half a million people in following the #followmeto adventures of Murad Osmann and Nataly Zakharova on Instagram. You can see more of Osmann’s photography work on his website and his production work on HypePro.tv.

Via: mymodernmet.com